Thursday, February 10, 2011

R.I.P. Delicious

Although I am not a fan of bookmarking sites, partly because I just have not really started to use them, it is interesting to see such social media progress be taken away.

After reading this article for class, R.I.P. Delicious, I felt as though social media took a few steps back. About 5 years ago, Yahoo acquired Delicious. Just recently, around December to be more accurate, Yahoo announced they would be closing down the site. Some people rejoiced, some people did not care, and as for others; they were left confused.

Why would Yahoo decide to close Delicious? With little reason given, it did not seem to hurt or hinder their business in any form or fashion. It has now just left upset Delicious users scrambling to move all of there bookmarks over to a different site. Which site are you switching to?

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