Wednesday, February 23, 2011

5 Objectives to Pursue

Not sure how to get involved in the groundswell? Well, Josh Bernhoff has put together a list of 5 objectives to help you best utilize groundswell.
  1. Listening: It seems silly, but listening is the most common way people communicate. Humans spend between 50-55% of their time listening, so why would companies not listen? This objective would be great when trying to develop a new product or to find out how consumers feel about a newly launched product. Consumers love being able to voice their opinion, especially when it will actually be heard. 
  2. Talking: Perhaps this seems to be the easiest one. However, you need to make sure you are talking correctly. In the this sense, Bernhoff means talking with your consumers, like caring on a conversation. Lets say a consumer wrote on the Facebook wall of a corporation asking when something would most likely go on sale. Well, they didn’t ask to not get an answer. They asked thinking they would get a response. So, connect with consumers through conversation and creating relationships. Just don’t ramble.
  3. Energizing: Find the customers that spread positive news about your company and reward them and make them excited to continue spreading good cheer!
  4. Supporting: Allow for customers to support other customers. This will give them a sense of connectedness.
  5. Embracing: Embrace the fact that the customers want to help you and want for you to hear them. Allow customers to be a part of the process and make decisions, like what the new packaging will look like. The more they are incorporated, the more loyal they are to the company.

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