Saturday, March 5, 2011

How the Groundswell Can Support Itself

Groundswell support is unlike any other support. We have all been frustrated trying to get through the automated lady talking to us and giving us number options to press to lead us to the next set of options. It becomes a vicious cycle. And let us be honest, how many times has the automated lady heard you correctly and actually been helpful versus a headache?

The Groundswell support allows for consumers to help consumers. Often times, they are looking to be helped or just faced the same problem and figured out how to solve it. To be honest, peer to peer help can be much quicker then waiting for the automated voice to pick and give you number options. This method also allows for you to communicate back with the person who helped you at a later dater or even ask a few follow up questions. This kind of support creates trust and bonds, via the web.

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